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A Guy Will Do The Following Things For His Girlfriend Only If He Really Loves Her

Below are things a guy will do for her girlfriend only if he really loves her:

1. Once a guy is in love with you, you become his weakness and you become his priority as well. Besides, he will like to take a long walk with you and his every steps would be slow. He will never avoid you. Situation may be complex but he will never avoid you, he will always respond to your calls & messages even if he is busy.

2. He will tell his friends about you positively and and he may tell his family members too. Men are not all about expressing feeling and if he is comfortable enough to tell them things about you and his friends also mention that he talks about you then you can rest assured that he is in love with you genuinely.

3. Whenever you are feeling low and crying he won't kiss you anywhere(Not even forehead) but will stare in your eyes(Read Soul) deeply for minutes and will console you by hugging.

4. No matter what, he wants to defend you and make sure you are okay. He talks to you consistently. He keeps calling you and listen your voice.

5. He will be just as your female bestie, he will not leave any chance to tease or mock you for your doings.

6. If a man shares even the minute details about his life with you(Past, Present, Future). If he cries in front of you explaining about the miseries of his life then he is the one.

7. He starts worrying about the future and can be insecure about you being involved in it or not. Also, he may speak of having a wife, and a family and he wants to make sure that you know that it is you he is talking about.

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