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7 Ways You Disrespect Your Woman Without Knowing.

In every relationship or marriage, respect should not be absent. Because a relationship where respect is absent can't work. That is why it is advisable as a man that you should respect your wife or partner. Because respect is the key to a lasting and healthy relationship. While sometimes there are certain behavior in a relationship or marriage without knowing that you are disrespecting your wife or partner.

1. Saying harsh words to her.

As a man, you should be able to control your anger or words you say to your partner. I know it is good to say how you feel. But as a man, it is advisable you should be careful when you're angry. So don't say harsh words to your partner that you may regret later. You should be extremely careful of what you say to your partner. 

As a man, when you say words that harsh to your partner, you should understand that it is a sign of disrespect. And no woman will be happy hearing such words from her partner. You should understand that women want to be loved and cared for, and no one will be happy when disrespected. So as a man, you can always express yourself without using harsh words or negative words.

2. Dishonest and cheating.

As a man, you should understand that women are humans too and deserve to be respected too. This is because they feel hurt and pain like every other human. As a man, you should always love and care for your partner. Because they deserve to be loved and cared for, too. 

When you cheat on your partner as a man, have in mind that it is such a huge betrayal of trust and also a disrespect to her. This is because no woman will be happy when her partner cheats on her. Instead, she feels betrayal and disrespected, and when she finds her, this can make things more complicated in your marriage or relationship.

3. Talking bad about her to your friends.

Some men make the mistake of taking their family issues outside their home. While some others talk bad about their wife in the present of their friends. As a man, it is advisable you don't bring out your family issues to the public. This is because after that, you forgive her, your friends or those who heard what you say might start disrespecting her or calling her names. And no man will be happy when they disrespect his partner. This is the reason you should never talk bad about your wife to your friends. Or bring your family issues to the public.

4. Not giving her attention.

Women want attention from their partner. And as her partner, it is your duty to pay attention to your partner or wife. This is because as a man, you don't pay attention to your partner. This means you're hurting her feelings and disrespecting her.

5. You treat her like an object.

6. Not listening to her.

7. Being too controlling.

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