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10 Sure Ways To Tell If a Girl Likes You Or Not.

Are you having a female friend and you are struggling to know whether she likes you or not? Worry not, this article got you covered.

In this article, we have 10 sure ways to tell if a girl likes you or not no matter how many years you have been friends to each other.

After reading this article, you would get to know the step forward about that girl or lady you have been wondering whether she has interest in you or not.

1. She tells you she's single. Or when she says “I don’t want your girlfriend to beat me ohh” she’s definitely into you. Because she likes you and she's not sure whether you have a girl or not, this is what she would probably say to be sure if you are into a relationship or not.

2. She wants to keep the conversation going.Trust me girls aren’t boring, they just don’t like you. A girl will always have most of the random things to talk about with someone they like.

3. She makes eye contact, plays with her hair, or acts nervous.A girl who likes you will act differently around you than she does around her friends. She’ll either be really focused on you or kind of nervous and fidgety. I think this one is quite obvious.

4. She uses a lot of emojis when she texts you.Girls like emojis, and they may use more when they like you or stickers. She sometimes doesn't want to go offline when you are online.

5. She likes hugging and touching you.Casually touch her to see how she reacts. You might need to work up to this one, so don’t try touching a girl you don’t know well!! When you aren’t close with her DON’T.

6. She remembers details about you. A girl who likes you will remember what you tell her. She takes note of the most random things you tell her. Example your birthday, your favorite color, your favorite food, your favorite sneaker etc.

7. She talks to her friends about you. She won’t be able to stop talking about you if she likes you.That means her friends will definitely know your name and will likely know some juicy information about you. So remember not to give a false information to a girl who likes you.

8. She gets excited when you compliment her.Give her a compliment and see how she reacts. Girls love when compliments comes from the person they likes, they can’t help but blush.

9. Tell her a corny joke to see if she'll laugh. Every girl would definitely laugh when you tell a joke but a girl who likes you own would be different.

10. She wants to know everything about you and wants you to know about her. Open up to her to see if she'll do the same with you. You don't need to tell her your deepest, darkest secrets, but share something you wouldn't tell just anyone.

Thanks for reading.

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