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"Confused" - I'm In Love With Two Best Friends And I Don't Know Whom To Choose

Falling in love with someone is the greatest thing that can ever happen to a human. Love is unconditional and indeed, it goes to where love is. You can't someone to love if there is no mutual feeling between the two. My name is Alice and I'm 22 years. I've placed myself in a very tight corner that I don't know who to choose at the moment. My days in the senior high school was characterized with fun and no hatred. I became the best version of myself and never resort to settle for less.

As the entertainment prefect, I became the joy of many when it comes to having fun and organizing programs for the school. During my teens years, a colleague proposed love to me and I accepted. He was very good academically and since my mum told me to mingle with brilliant student, I didn't hesitate to accept his proposal. We became very good friends and that made me rise academically to become one of the best in my school.

As time went on, we found it very difficult to understand ourselves so we both decided to give each other space. I had no problem with that and I felt cool. My guy's bestfriend started making advances of me before making a proposal. He was a very handsome and brilliant guy and the best in my school. He never knew I was dating his friend already since we both decided to keep it a secret.

I decided to make him understand I'm not interested in the relationship but he keeps convincing me to accept him. Things has finally grew worse than I can imagine. I also fell in love with him. Later, my first guy got to know I have something doing with his bestfriend and that has brought a misunderstanding between both guys. I always blame myself to be the cause of the situation.

I'm seriously in love with both friends and I don't know who to choose and who to reject. Please is there anything I can do to make them forget about me or choose one. I'm really confused and don't know what to do now.

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