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[VIDEO]: "Proposing Gone Wrong" Check Out Heartfelt Moment Lady "Slapped" Guy Who Proposed In Public

Marriage is indeed preceded by courtship/dating which is obviously a stepping stone of proposal. Proposals are one of the act which express a person's heartfelt feeling and desire for something. We mostly hear or probably are into relationships and therefore have quite some knowledge about this. However, proposals are often in two folds, whereby it might be a memorable day for some people or likewise for others.

In this article, I bring to you a video of a guy who found himself in probably to most difficult situation in his life/memorable day after proposing to a beautiful lady in public purpoted to be a tertiary institution. This anonymous guy was slapped in the face as he knelt down to propose to the lady as seen in the video's screenshot below.

As such his mates condemned him afterwards, as one said "don't follow what your mates are doing" which indirectly meant an advice.

You can also watch the video by using the link below:

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Do you think it's right for the lady to do that, especially in public and who is at fault?....What advise would you give guys and ladies who want to begin a relationship so they don't encounter such disgrace? Leave your comments below.

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