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Here are three women you'll have a hard time believing exist.

It's impossible to narrow down the list of exceptional women because there are so many. These ladies may appear to be different from the rest of us, but they are leaving their mark and demonstrating to the world that the word difference means a lot more than it does. Others are unique by birth, and others are by choice, but they all share a remarkable way of life. Here are some ladies you'll find hard to believe exist;

Kristina Rei

She works as a nail technician and is 22 years old. After more than 100 silicon infusions by plastic surgery, she is said to have the world's largest lips. She admits to being a fanatic, but as a Russian citizen, she claims that it is perfectly natural. Consider her weird, but she doesn't see herself the same way you do.

Mikel Ruffinel

This lady has the largest hips in the world. In the year 1972, she entered the country. Mikel holds the record for the longest hips at 8 feet. She said that she began to gain weight after the birth of her first child, but that before that she was a regular person. She consumes 5, 000 calories a day to maintain her current weight of 420Ib. This doesn't explain how her entire weight is distributed to her hips. It's considered strange because of how big a woman's hip can be.

Kayan lady

Thailand's Kayan people have a fascinating tradition of wearing rings to lengthen their arms. The rings are one long twisting that pulls down to their shoulders, lengthening their necks. You may have noticed from the image in the article that you have never seen a person with such a long neck, but they do exist.


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Kristina Rei Russian


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