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How Some Doctors Deal With Women In The Hospitals - Every Lady Should Read This

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In life, one needs to see a doctor if he or she is not feeling well since there is a word says self medication is not good for us but to go to the hospital quickly.

This doctor has been seriously having affair with most women who attend to him for medication in the hospital. This project was done by a guy who heard this incident and brought to Angel news to tell our women to be extra careful if they go to the hospital to see a doctor.

This happened here in Ghana and several interview has been conducted to see why the doctor is doing that.

According to some of the victims, the doctor will ask you to sleep and he will start having affair with you. Ine victim said, she reported this to the doctor that she is suffering from her waist, as a result of waist pain, and this doctor will only tell the patients to sleep and have an affair with her and that will only indicate where the pains.

This has become serious that who knows he us spreading or exchanging HIV Aids with them.

This is an advice to all ladies to be extra careful.

Source: Angel Tv/Fm News

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