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You are fortunate, If she exhibits these signs she really loves you

Sometimes, relationship may go on for a while and then most likely you get bored with each other and you fall apart. But, this is not in the case of real relationships. Some relationships are born to last and some relationships does end in marriage and continue till they die.

A girlfriend is someone who loves you and also cares you for the most and motivates you in your life while being there for you. So how can you tell if she really loves you

Motivates you.

She doesn’t show it everywhere, doesn’t put fancy statuses or fancy uploads like most modern day relationships - but does prove that she is in a relationship with you by being there for you “always” When you’re down, she motivates you with all her heart and doesn’t expect you to do the same in return - she only asks your presence.

She does not demand fancy dates or cozy places - she only longs for you to spend some time with her. She doesn’t ask you to give up. Rather she tells the things your mom used to tell to motivate you in your life. A real girlfriend behaves like a mom sometimes and that’s why some need the lap of her to sleep.

She gives in her hundred percent and doesn’t expect the same. Although most expect, they don’t really show. They take all the hurt in, but never show them.

She will wait a entire day/night just to speak with you. You might be busy with work/business or any meet with your friends - she will wait the whole long day to speak to you.

She becomes jealous, but doesn’t let this affect your relationship. But one must not take this for granted. She will be missing you the next second you say - bye/goodnight when you drop her a text or drop her at home.

When she loves you so deeply, the trust she will develop on you is so large that she will easily forgive you. Don’t take this for granted. She will share everything with you. Everything means everything. Every single event in her life will be shared and there will be no secrets that she will hold from you. She will be proud of you even when you lift a small rock and will be the first person to be happiest when you achieve something in your life.

If there is a problem between you both, she will make sure you both solve it together, find a solution and sort it out. She doesn’t really think of a breakup if she’s real.

She will try to give in her 100% and adjust with you and will try to save the relationship at any cost. Real girlfriends are rare. When a real girlfriend enters your life, she becomes a wife material and not a oyo material. Treat her like your queen and don’t take her for granted.

Body contact

When we hate someone, we often say to him: "Don't touch me!" But we would like to attach the person we like. Because only when we are close enough and trust a person will we allow him to have such close contact with us.

I hope it was helpful.

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