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A man married his dead girlfriend to fulfill her wish.

Love, they say can make you do everything. A man married his deceased girlfriend and promise to stay single for the rest of his life.

This is the love story between Chandil Deffey and Sarinya kamsoole. Chandil and Sarinya met in the university and fell in love with each other. They were so in love that they decided to get married, but they always postponed their wedding due to their busy schedule and the fact that Deffey wanted to complete his studies before he gets married. They dated each other for ten years.

One day they decided to finally tied the knot. Chandil and Sarinya planned their wedding as they like it.

Unfortunately, few days before the wedding, the unexpected tragedy happened. Sarinya got into accident due to a car clash . The 28years old Deffey was so much heartbroken that he decided to fulfill his girlfriend wish. Therefore he wedded his girlfriend during her funeral.

This happened in Thailand. Deffey combined both the wedding and the funeral. And in the presence of the people he wedded his beloved woman and recited the vowels.

This is what we call real love unlike what we see in movies and novels.

What do you think about this kind of love?

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