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Funeral jollof tastes better than wedding jollof - Netizens chooses funeral jollof

Netizens have chosen funeral jollof over wedding jollof on the question; "wedding jollof or funeral jollof, which one tastes better?"

The was posted question by Pulse Ghana on Facebook.

Reactions from some netizens says funeral jollof tastes better than wedding jollof while others says they only go to funeral or wedding to eat.

Netizens reacted;

Mati Ebenezer: "Funeral jollof bi y3 guy"

Mabel Yakubu: "Funeral of course 😂😂"

Divine Joppa: "Funeral jollof is the best oo"

Grace Boahemaa: "The Way funeral jollof is delicious noo you never know"

Quercy Klev: "Funeral jolloff hits different. Everything some dey inside 😂"

Augustine Owusu Baffour: "For me I don't go for variety ooo, but I go only to fill my stomach sei twomm. Festival jollof koraa anka ɛyɛ nsamanfoɔ aduane nu mpo we chop na weddings ne funerals. "Ɛkɔm yɛ ya"

Kweku Jones: "Funeral joffof on anyday🥵...Sweat kakraa, saliva kakraa,tears kakraa,smoke kakraa,makes the taste unique"

Joy Aruna: "Funeral jollof taste better because of the ingredients... Saliva as prime ingredients and a little contributions of witchcraft from the witches , how can you compare that to wedding jollof prepared by ordinary chefs?😎😎🚶🚶🚶"

Sherif Mahmud: "Me derr whenever I’m invited to any weeding ceremony my duty is to eat I don’t care whether the couples are happily married or not"

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Mabel Yakubu Mati Ebenezer Pulse Ghana


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