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Food For Thought: Is It Right To Wed 4 Different Women On The Same Day And At The Same Time?

The act of polygamy is nothing new under the sun since we have been seeing it manifest in our presence over and over again. It is acceptable getting to marry more than one wife or more than one husband since most people believe that there is nothing sinful about it.

They believe that once you have the resources to take care of the numerous wives you decide to get attached to, nothing should stop you from marrying as many women as you want. This is very meaningful if only it won't precipitate the act of jealousy and also the spread of hunger for attention in such relationships.

These polygamous relationships do not worry people since they has been the norm even from the days of our grandfathers. They only become a problem when their initiation takes a weird path.

This article is going to talk about different times when men decided to do the unimaginable. It is obvious that a man can take as many women as he wants, but for a man to marry all these women in a single day at the same place and also the same time is something which trying to analyze is going to give you headaches. Why would you think marrying different women at the same venue and also at the same time on the same day is cool such that you would make it a point to do that?

Well, these men decided to do what most people have never dreamt of. They decided to get attached to many ladies on the same day without even thinking about what people would say. Well, maybe listening to the thoughts of people will only slow down your progress in life.

Personally, I wouldn't do that since it is likely to trigger some sort of competition between the ladies but these guys thought it was the right time to act that way and they perfectly executed those plans. I don't know what you have to say about this idea but I would be glad if you let me know by pouring out your heart in the comment section.

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