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A 16 years old girl deceived

A young Girl OF (16)who just finished her (B. E.C )Exams

She share her story how she is staying with her Aunt after the death of her father,

Her Aunt promised to enrol her in (S .H .S.)

She ask her to start selling garlic and other things in the market which she did,

The Agreement was for the aunt to be keeping any money that she made so she can use to enrol her into school,

But not knowing that the Aunt was using the money, she has been making,

When it was time for her to enrol Into SCHOOL"She ask her Auntie please When are you talking me to school?

''She said there was know money, ''that she should forget about going to school, because she her self did not go to (S. H .S )

''She is asking A Questions Today what should she do now what advice do you have for her?

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