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Road Accident

Hook Up Girl Shares Story Of How Two Guys Tried To Use Her For Money Rituals

The world is a scary place hence being vigilant is a needed and essential tool for survival these days.

A hook girl who almost lost her life at the hands of two sakawa boys shared her story of testimony on social media.

She explained that the two guys called her for hookup services but when she agreed and they met up, the guys drugged her and put her in the trunk of their car. 

Fortunately, the car had an accident according to police reports that were revealed after she woke up at the hospital. The grateful lady who survived two incidents that could have taken her life on the same day explained that she made a pact with herself not to be a hookup girl on her hospital bed after the experience.

Many social media users who chanced on the story were pleased that the lady survived and has turned a new leaf now.

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