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When She Is Mad At You, Just Do The Following To Make Her Happy

This particular piece stresses on the best ways to make your girlfriend happy if she is angry with you.

Tell her she's beautiful. You have to show her that you mean what you said. If you're really sincere when you tell her how beautiful she is to you, you're going to go a long way. Also, tell her that she drives you crazy, and that she's the prettiest thing in school. Tell her that you've never met anyone like her.

Treating Her Right Treat her with dignity. Treating your girl with dignity means treating her the way that you would want to be treated. Don't swear at her, manipulate her, use her for your own benefit, or shoot down her ideas. Making her as happy as possible is a goal, so it's not going to happen overnight. But work toward it slowly, and try as hard as you can, even if you don't succeed. Always stand up for her no matter what. Sticking up for her shows her that you are on her side, and that you're willing to take a public stand for her, which isn't easy. At the same time, don't put yourself in an impossible situation. If she's having an argument with her parents right in front of you, you probably don't want to take a stand and risk upsetting her parents (who might control a lot about her life). Stay out of family matters as much as possible, but give her backup when she asks for it.

Going Beyond What's Expected Be romantic. Every girl wants a guy with a sense of romance. Girls like to pretend (deep down inside, mostly; sometimes very literally) that they are stars of their own fairy tale, and they

want to be treated like it. Show your girl that you care about her by putting a little effort into your romance. Write her love notes. Notes don't have to be long, mushy and poetic if you're not the type. Quick and silly ones will do just fine. Try to make them cute (girls love things that are "cute," like a drawing) as a way to show her that you care. Write the notes on actual paper too.

Bring her flowers or chocolates (or both!). Know what she likes, and do accordingly. Girls love it. They love simple gestures by guys.

Wear what she likes you to wear. Take her to a place that 'she' loves and ask 'her' to order! Girls love when their guys let them be the boss.

Pay for the meals. When you are comfortable in talking about finances, then you can decide who should pay and how often according to the budget, but when the relationship is new, conventionally the guy should be the one who should pay otherwise the girl will think you're a cheap miser! It's not the amount that matters (I mean, even girls can easily afford 2-3K for a date!) but what matters is your heart which is visible when you take out your wallet.

When you get a first salary give her some amount from that! That shows how much you respect her. Again, it's not about the amount, but it's about the love.

Discuss things with her! This will make her feel important and prominent part of your life. You can do what you want to do, but at least involve her in the decision making process to make her feel valuable.

Randomly send her good morning and good night messages. She will love it! Whenever you meet her, do kiss her forehead. Girls love being kissed at forehead more than cheeks or lips. It gives her a sense of being like a 'little-baby' and 'protected'.

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