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A Mother Sadly Tells Why Her Boyfriend Don't Want To Get Married To Her After 30 Years Of Dating Him

A woman by the name of Vida painfully narrates why her boyfriend doesn't want to get married to her after 30 years of staying with him. According to the woman, she got into a relationship with Akwasi Amoako in 1992, they gave birth to their first child 7 years later, the man promised to marry her within some couples of months but Akwasi didn't fulfil the promise he made to her, six years later they gave birth to another child.

The woman added that their pastor was willing to help them financially to get married still her boyfriend didn't accept the pastor's help. Amankwa later revealed to her that his mother don't support their relationship because she is a fante. Years later she put pressure on him to legally get married to her, the man, on the other hand, got upset and insulted her, he told her that he has the money to buy everything they will need for their marriage but he will never do it.

He added that he will rather get married to one of the prostitutes than to marry her. How her boyfriend has been insulting her made her to always consume alcohol. She revealed that it got to a point that she has to drink alcohol before she can sleep with her boyfriend. A month later, Akwasi told her that he wants an opportunity to break up with her due to how she takes in alcohol.

She then went to stay with her mother for some time, although Akwasi took care of the children whilst she was staying with her mother but he packed the rest of her belongings and brought them to her parent's house. The woman said her husband stopped taking care of their children as he used to do, she has to go for a loan and start working with it.This time around too the man told her to pay the children's fees with the money she has been trading with.

He promised to pay it back but he didn't give that money to it up to date. Just recently she went for a loan for her friends, but they too didn't pay the money and she was arrested. Their children called to inform Akwasi about it but he told the kids he doesn't care about her and he even wished that she will be jailed. According to Akwasi concerning this accusation, whatever Vida is saying is never true. He explained that she always comes home heavily drunk, he too can't get married to a woman who always consume alcohol.

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