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Divorce Affair

Jealous men are naturally weak in bed – Doctor

The doctor said that most men experience insecurities when their wives make friends with people of the other sex because they find it difficult to satisfy their spouses in bed and believe the men their wives are making friends with may be superior to them.

"Men who can satisfy their wives and partners and are good in bed will never suspect that their partners are cheating." If a man has a difficulty and can't twist his waist 250 to 300 times during first-round intercourse, he has to consult a doctor. Even if having sex doesn't need spending long hours, you still need to give your lover at least 250 to 300 "atopa" to make them happy.

When having sex with your partner, count how many times you thrust and see if you can hit 250 to 300 in the first round. If you don't, you probably have a significant in-bed issue.

"That between 250 and 300 thrusting in the first round should be natural as some guys take aphrodisiacs merely to please their lovers, but it also has side effects," a man once said.

"I have yet to meet a man who is both good in bed and jealous, because a good in bed man doesn't care who his wife or partner plays with or speaks on the phone with. Because their spouses or partners can't fulfill them, the majority of married women and ladies cheat.

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