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I slapped a customer for touching me badly in my shop - Woman reveals

These days hookup girls are really causing stirs on the internet. On interviews, these ladies would say that its not their wish to venture into hookup but then, they want money to cater for their families. Some of them also make it clear that they are doing it because they want quick cash.

To make it as an advice for these ladies, this woman was interviewed on SVTV. This lady is an actress and business woman too. She shared her story about how she ended up being successful. This is what she said on the interview.

According to this lady, she was lucky, she completed SHS and furthered up to obtain her job but doing that job for some time, she realized that she can do better when she venture into her own business. Her parents died on the way and she had to do everything on her own.

She started by selling and acting. She was determined that she wants to do something and after some time, she opened her own shop. For her, sleeping with men to get money will never help. For her, when a girl receives even ¢1000 after sleeping with a man, she will not value that amount because she knows its easy to get that and most of the times, those girls end up buying things that are not necessary.

She talked about the behavior of some men too. According to her, some men even come to her shop just to touch her and some of them have even slept with her in their mind but she doesn't allow that. She continued that she has slapped about three men in her shop when they want to touch her in a bad way in the shop. 

She concluded that some men just want to sleep with the ladies and that, they would say many things and eventually disappear when there's is pregnancy. So to go out with a man, they should be careful.

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