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Have You Fallen In Love With Your Bestie? Here Is How To Get Him Or Her

Have you noticed for a while that your friend attracts you as a man ? Would you love to have something with him but are you afraid of ruining your friendship? Don't you know if he feels the same? Would you like to know if you are wrong or if what you feel for him is true? Before jumping into the pool, read carefully about relationships that are born from a friendship, because although they enjoy a very bad reputation, they have a good chance of success.

Love is a feeling that can arise from a friendship, when the two people begin to share more and more time together, which gives rise to a deeper knowledge and therefore, a growing affinity and interest on the other, something that can generate confusion about the true feeling. Do you love your friend so much that you don't know if you are confusing affection with love?

it is important to determine the intensity of our feelings. "In general, love in its beginnings is manifested through very intense emotions , which are often accompanied by physical manifestations such as a racing heart or the famous butterflies in the stomach. Out a series of indicators that suggest that the relationship has crossed the friendship barrier, a greater need for intimacy and physical proximity with the other person, discovering yourself constantly thinking about him / her, desire to share more time together and jealousy or frustration when dating others. Is all this happening to you?

So it is very possible that your friend is starting to be something else for you. After the butterflies in your stomach, knowing that what you feel is deeper and that you are thinking about your sex sessions with him, you are already clear that you are falling in love with your best friend, but how do you tell him? What if he doesn't feel the same? Before making this decision, the most important thing is to be very sure about your own feelings, since when we confess our love, we run the risk of losing our friendship.

For this reason, I recommend, if we have not yet clarified what we feel, do not rush and wait to be sure. And how do you know if he feels the same? When there are feelings that transcend friendship, certain signs are generally produced in the other person before which we must be attentive. We can pave the way by talking about love matters, or letting him understand that we like him through our attitude and body language. His reaction will give us clues as to whether he is interested in something else. You should be very attentive to what signs he shows you at this time.

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