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Having doubts as to whether you are falling for the wrong person? This is for you

The term ‘love’ doesn’t have to be confusing. Some people mistake some signs to be love and end up hurting themselves. Love is meant to feel right and let you have peace of mind. The bible goes on to tell you so many things about love in 1st Corinthians 13:4-5 and it reads “love is patient, love is kind, it isn’t jealous, it doesn’t brag, it isn’t arrogant, it isn’t rude. Love doesn’t seek its own advantage, it isn’t irritable. It doesn’t keep a record of complaints”. 

I have heard so many stories about how people sometimes doubt the love their partners claim to show for them. Let me use this medium to say that the moment you begin to have doubts or whatsoever, talk it out. There are different types of relationships. What works for your relationship might not work for another. Fortunately, a relationship is like baking a cake since there are some essential ingredients such as flour and eggs for baking, trust and respect for relationship. These leads to success for both.

In this article, I would take you through why you are here, to answer the one question that bother you a lot. Yes, there are some instances you can fall for the wrong person.

The idea of commitment feels heavy for them:

To be committed in a relationship is very important. If you find your partner not responding to this idea, like you want them to then there is a situation at hand. Not everyone likes to be committed and would want to live in the moment. The problem only arrives, when you want more than that, for you believe in the idea of commitment. Their stand on commitment would never change until they are sure of you, especially the men.  

You don’t feel like you can share your problem with them: 

Life is certainly not always going to be rosy. There would be a time you would have to discuss certain issues with your partner. Most people date their best friends because of how well they are comfortable with them. They get to share any ideas on a particular topic of interest and lend their support when needed. A relationship requires some level of comfort to express your concerns.

There is the avoidance of effective communication: 

Your partner tries their best to avoid, certain communication of your interest but wouldn’t understand, when the same reaction is given to them. Your partner must not under any circumstance, turn a blind eye to you, when you need their attention the most. When you make them aware of their actions, they promise to change but don’t follow up to it. They only have attention for their personal interests in the relationship.

They always have a problem with you being yourself:

You attend social gatherings with them and they want you to behave a certain way. Of course, there are certain behaviours one must not portray out there, in the midst of people. When your partner fails to acknowledge your presence and makes it look as if you are on your own, this is a clear sign they don’t want to be around you. They feel as though you would embarrass them by just standing with you. They give you restrictions on where to go and who to be with and it is as if all you want at that moment, is the space to breathe. 

Some of these signs might be obvious but not all. I would always say this; “to fall in love is a beautiful thing but what makes it amazing, is the fact that the other feels the exact same way about you”. The moment you know thy self before venturing into a relationship, the probability of falling for the wrong person is very low. 

Thank you for reading.

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