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6 Things A Woman Might Do To Test You Before Dating You

You'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who would enter а relаtiоnshiр without first observing the man so she could gain insight into what kind of man he was. Ladies usually do this because they want to be sure if he's the kind of guy they want.

A person who has had several experiences in relаtiоnshiр affairs will understand that when you meet a woman for the first time and express your interest, she may decide not to express or be silent for a few weeks until you know if you are a Man uр with her attitude.

More often than not, it's a man trying to show the woman his maturity, rather than reacting negatively to her attitude. сhаse are some women who worship men who are interested in them. It's like their adventure.

They understand that if they can easily give you a yes as an answer, you won't feel compelled to ask them for a relationship. While you're chasing them and they're ignoring you, they're also keeping track of your reactions to them. Here are some of the things she might do to put you to the test:

1. She will decide not to answer phone calls or messages. She'll do this to see whether you'll send her abusive messages or block her because she ignores you. She'll try to do this for a while before deciding to have a relationship with you.

2. She will ask you if you can help and see if you will start avoiding her because she needs something from you. She just wants to know if you are a very considerate or aloof man.

3. If you tell her you want to meet with you, she will decline your request and see your reaction. She wants to see if you're only interested in her body, or if you want a serious relationship.

4. When you try to date her, she will tell you that she is not interested in any relationship. She wants to find out if you really love her and are ready for a healthy relationship, or if you just want to flirt.

5. Some ladies can even tell you they have boyfriends and you shouldn't bother them. They do it because they think you already have a boyfriend.

This can happen to you, especially if you're good-looking, and some women will assume you have a lot of girlfriends if you're single and looking.

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