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5 Other Things That Every Man Loves In A Woman Apart From Hips.

There is a great benefit for girls with a good physical appearance due to the increased likelihood of attracting the attention of a guy. Nonetheless a good appearance alone is not enough to make a man fall in love with you not to talk of deciding to marry you.

Most women do believe that they will easily find a man if they are able to develop an eye-catching hip and attractive legs to balance it and although this is very wrong, it still doesn’t mean other women who are not naturally endowed do feel left out and intimidated. Girls, these hip assumptions are not always right and below are some of the things a man also finds very attractive other than hip:

Firstly, women who are naturally bold are a mostly a turn on for men. Women who exhibit confidence very easily and casually draw a lot of attention to herself and it is very known that such women are very sexy. 

Secondly, women who smile brightly and often seem to warm a lot of men’s heart unknowingly. These are women who considered to be very nice, warm and beautiful and men are attracted to warmth often. That explains why they normally leave rowdy and nagging wives while they end up with a woman who is naturally nice and smiles a lot.

Again, a nice talking voice do turn a lot of men on even though it may sound ridiculous. I’ve had a lot of male friends express their interest in my voice even though I did not find it special because I thought it was a bit too throaty. You never know what may pique the interest of a man to you and even though you may think your voice is not that amazing, a man somewhere may find it interesting. So, go ahead and use that voice, whether it is too pitchy or syrupy or throaty or heavy, it may do the magic.

Also, men are attracted to hair. My dear ladies, do take some quality time to prep your hair, even if it is a braid, do well to make it look nice and very feminine. Apply some gel and slay those baby hairs. Enhance curls in your natural and make sure to style your straight perm. If you have noticed certain guys touching lady’s hair quite often, then there is a strong chance there are men who just love a good and carefully tidied up hair.

 Lastly, the preference of men is not very predictable but one thing that is common among them when it comes to women is clothes. Do not be afraid to be either exquisite and bold in your choice of clothes. Wear to kill and win the hearts of men!

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