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Dear Men, Do These 2 Simple Things Whenever a Woman Rejects You

It can be heartbreaking when we like someone, but they don't like you right away or as much as we would like. Many men are often rejected by women and that feeling is usually frustrating.


Sometimes, when a guy starts to like a girl, she doesn't even want to realize it, and even if she does, she will ignore you for some reason she knows. Guys, if a woman rejects you for any reason, I want you guys to know it's not your fault.


You need to remember that love is not something that people owe or should give you just because you feel the same way about them. Maybe you like someone you don't like.


One of the most common reasons women do this is that, in most cases, many men crave their attention, or even think of other people, or even have a hard time dealing with it. The more desperately you seek love, the more unattractive and annoying you will become.


The second and most effective step after rejection is to focus on the other girl. Flirt with them and leave the impression that, whatever the outcome, you will always be a happy person.


Women are attracted to men who other women want because of their influence and dominance. Have you ever wondered why celebrities have so many fans and crushes? Just because these men are "loved" by thousands of other women!


If a woman finds out that you are single among the girls and you are likely to start the race, she will take you more seriously and consider your options. This method would make her jealous no matter how hard she tried not to.


So guys, never let a woman treat you for not liking her at first. I believe that by fulfilling the points above, you should always live as a happy man who does not let his feelings fall into the hands of women.

Content created and supplied by: AboagyeSafty (via Opera News )


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