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Man Sets Up Camera in His House Before Leaving and Caught His Girlfriend Doing This With Another Man

A man has cried out after his secret camera recorded a moment with his girlfriend and another man in his house while he went for offshore work outside the city. He confronted his fiancée, who denied the allegation, and accused him of invading her privacy.

He met his woman and engaged her. As a result, the man made up his mind to marry her. He went off shore to work, living with his wife in his house. However, he was compelled to return home when he received a call about a new job.

Before he traveled for outside work, he installed a Wi-fi microphone that captured any activity in the house. However, the lady had always acted suspicious, so before I traveled, I hid a Wi-fi mic in the house, and barely one week after I left, she slept with a man in our house."

When he asked her if she had a second man , she flatly denied it. Until then, she had no idea that he had set up the cameras and was fully recorded of her having sex with another man in his house while he was away for work. " When I confronted her, she accused me of spying on her and blocked me. However, she unblocked me a few days later, asking for

After a week, he pleaded with her to not cheat on him. Instead, she accused me of setting up a new Telegram account just to spy on her. Her confessions revealed that she intended to move abroad with the man and had shown him pictures of her son! I realised she wasn't truly sorry because the account she accused me of creating was not mine.

The man also discovered that she was planning to move abroad with her new man and continue her relationship with him. In his sad state, the man begs for help and advice. When she asked him why he wouldn't let her leave, he insisted that he loved her that much.

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