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VIDEO: People Heard Shouting As Ladies Wearing Transparent Dresses Cause Confusion At A Nightclub

Some women in this generation continue to wow people by doing the unthinkable on camera. Ladies used to be hesitant about showing parts of their naked bodies, but it appears that shyness is no longer an issue. The ladies in your picture have caused people at a nightclub to scream as they were displaying romantic moments on the platform.

Looking at the screenshots from the video in this article, you can see that these ladies are wearing transparent dresses. Their dresses are so transparent that you can see their beads, bikini pants and raw breasts. If you don't watch the video twice, you might even think that they are not wearing any cloth. This is because the transparent dresses match their skin colour.

These ladies came to the platform mounted at the event and started twerking by putting their buttocks together. One cannot what people at the nightclub saw but most of them were heard in the video shouting "Eii, what is this?". This happened after these ladies bend down and put their backsides together.

Some social media users believe that the reason why the people shouted could be that these ladies exposed their womanhood to the people at the nightclub. As for their breasts, it was just swinging in front of them. Others said that what they did is very shameful because it is good for women to expose their bodies like this in public.


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