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27 things that will spice your relationship

Men must never forget to Treat their wives the same way today as they had when they began dating. Women must also not forget how they got the man attracted to them in the first place.

Someone said that, when a guy and a lady wants to have sex, they both help themselves to remove their clothes. That's the guy will help the lady take off her dress or pant and the lady also does same for the guy. But as soon as they are done with the act, the lady dresses her own self and likewise the guy.

That's how most people treat marriage. They soon get married and forgets to keep doing the very things that got them attracted to each other from the beginning.

Here are a few simple ways that you can adopt to keep your marriage going strong.

1. Open doors for her

2. Help her with her coat and carrying bags when you go shopping.

3. Pull out her chair

4. Listen when she speaks and don’t interupt

5. Be loyal and faithful

6. Communication always (a great key that unlocks beautiful relationships)

7. Show each other love and respect (never allow it to dwindle rather keep it growing because this must have been the foundation of your relationship without which there wouldn't have been any marriage or relationship)

8. Be each other's best friend and biggest fan (learn to support each other in your personal fields of endeavor)

9. Go out on dates weekly or regularly

10. Romance is critical. (Flowers, candy, love letters, jewelry, shoes, bags, perfume etc.)

11. Keep your word at all times

12. Help her with house chores

13. Respect her individuality and unique qualities

14. Give her the time to socialize with friends and family without you (Husband's! this is very important)

15. Have fun together doing hobbies/interests and new things

16. Support her dreams and goals (wife's do same for your husband's)

17. Trust and honesty

18. Be present and available when she needs a ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on

19. Make her smile and laugh

20. Always express how much you love her and remind her she is the most beautiful woman to you

21. Be secure and confident as a man in yourself and with her

22. Give and return affection

23. Always treat her the best way anyone can treat her. (Husband's! Never make the mistake of allowing anyone treat your wife better than you do to her.)

24. Value her mind, thoughts, and feelings. She is wise beyond her years and her advice is usually right.

25. Be thankful and appreciative for what she is and all she does and still will be (wife's should also do same to their own husband's)

26. Patience and understanding (exercise extreme patience and always understand each other)

27 Apologize when you're wrong (it does not take away your manhood or womanhood when you say you're sorry)

28. Don’t take each other for granted. (you're priceless)

Thank you for reading. May your marriages be as beautiful as you've always desired it to be.

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Content created and supplied by: Larrie Mensah (via Opera News )


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