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5 Alternative Places To Kiss Your Girlfriend Apart From Lips

You don't have to kiss your girlfriend on the lips to show her how much you care for her. Give her one of these five options.

On her head.

"We are cute together," says a kiss on the forehead. A kiss on the forehead is a sign of love and admiration. As a gesture of apology and acknowledgment of grievance, the forehead kiss is common in some Arabic cultures.

She carries her weight on her shoulders.

Kissing your partner's shoulders is one of the most romantic things you can do. Using the word "love" indicates that you value and appreciate her body. When it comes to boosting your partner's confidence, this is a great way to do it. The kiss on the shoulder is a common way for couples who are close and deeply in love to express their feelings for one another. They think you are a wonderful person and have a great deal of affection for you, based on this evidence.

On her clavicle.

Every woman's nervous system works perfectly when they see this one. After a few kisses, slowly open your mouth and begin kissing your partner's neck with an open mouth, gently separating your lips.

The skin around her lips.

To kiss someone on the cheek or a peck on the lips is an expression of pure friendship and does not imply romantic feelings. Just because someone likes you doesn't mean that they are interested in a relationship with you. If it comes from your partner, on the other hand, you should be aware that it isn't.

Her hand is on her hand.

Greeting someone with a hand kiss conveys a variety of emotions, including respect, admiration, and even devotion. Gentlemen are expected to greet women with a gentle handshake. It will brighten her day and make her feel special if you greet her in this manner.

You don't have to touch each other's lips to express your feelings of love and admiration. This week, try something new and kiss your partner somewhere other than her lips.

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