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I invited my girlfriend for a pizza lunch and she brought her two friends to drain me-video

Things are better at times, and they are worse at times. Your relationship may be going well at times, but it may also be having difficulties. Sometimes you're in a good position personally, and other times you're in a bad situation. Being able to take the good with the bad in a relationship is a great show of strength.

Chairman wanted to do something romantic for her girlfriend, so he invited her to a pizza lunch. Unknown to him, she brought two other friends with her.

Chairman was unable to inform his girlfriend that he lacked sufficient funds. He remained silent and let the other, together with his girlfriend, drain him. chairman appears bored in the video, but the ladies continue to have a good time.

One of the ladies did video film the guy while laughing at him, thus it appears it was a plan by his girlfriend.

Some girls are quite devious; after draining him, you tape him to make him laugh.

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