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"Alpha Male Vs Beta Male" - Who Easily Wins The Heart Of Women

There is a quick contrast between an alpha male and a beta male in the game of love and attracting women. Alpha males are proposed to be a man tending to assume a dominant and domineering role in social and professional situations. Yes, they are very significant in their game with women and have better chances of winning.The desire to be an alpha male can be perpetuating but with a little gist, you would surely get there.

On the other hand, beta males are proposed to be a man who supplicates and avoid confrontation with other men and tries not to upset women. I mean, he is the classical "nice guy" type. Knowing the differences between an alpha male and a beta male who give you the proper vision of what type of guy you should be. Let's roll to uncover some distinct features between an Alpha Male and a Beta Male.

Alpha males have authentic confidence while beta male lacks confidence

Yes, I've been in the shoes of both an alpha male and a beta male and I know how it feels to be in each shoes. Alpha males are guys who rock authentic confidence in their games with women. Without confidence, it is virtually impossible to have a successful communication with women. Beta males are guys who lack confidence when talking to women. They have an inner boost to talk to a woman but when they eventually see their crush, they begin to panic.

Alpha males embraces their weakness while beta males shy away from it

Embracing your weakness is a powerful trait that is spotted in the life of an alpha male. They turn their weaknesses into opportunities. On the other hand, beta males are guys who lacks self confidence and therefore shy away from the spotlight. They tend to look at the negative aspect of every situation instead of the positive.

Alpha males are persistence whiles Beta males are not

You would quickly notify a trait of persistent in the life of an alpha male. They have the swag and the "never give up" spirit and that sounds attractive to women. They are guys who make persistence their priority in life. They give in their all in everything they do and do not give up easily. On the contrary, beta males are guys who easily gives up in the search for a woman. Eventhough they know what they want, they find it difficult to pursue it.

It is now clear that Alpha males have better chances of winning the heart of a woman than beta males  

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