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Wedding planning scene

Checkout what a Bride wrote about her wedding before her big day.

Marriage is a union between two people who have agreed to stay together as husband and wife. Many a time, both of the would-be-couple study each other to see if they are compatible. If they are compatible, they go ahead with the final stage which is the wedding ceremony. Weddings are a great experience that many adults enjoy. It’s a loving and fun moment that climaxes the love making of two lovebirds. After studying each other for some time, they have to come together to climax everything with a wedding. Many weddings have glamorous and classic ambience. Some weddings have a number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Others can have about as huge a number as 10 bridesmaid together with groomsmen. Some weddings come across with  magnificent parties. 

Some weddings are expensive, whiles others are simple. A bride right before the wedding went to tweeter to tweet something that has sparked the internet into a conversation environment. The bride tweeted, “woke up today to marry someone’s son”. Many social media users have interpreted it in many ways. Many believe that, the bride is marrying the groom. In our part of the world the groom who happens to be the man married the bride who is the woman. Many people believe that if it happens the other way around it’s a taboo in our custom. One thing people also found out about the tweet was that, she said “she woke up today”.

Many people have interpreted it as she did not actually study each other before marrying his man. This is because one can not get and say he or she is marrying a man or a woman. However, judging from the wedding pictures, the wedding was a magnificent one. 

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