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"Play Or Be Played" - 3 Strategic Tricks To Make Her Beg For Your Attention Continually

Making the best out of life is one thing that values so many people since love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. In the game of love, is either you play or you get played. It is up to you to decide how and when to live the game. My life as a play boy wouldn't have been fulfilled fully without realizing my capabilities. Yes, you have to love yourself fully and everything would fall in line.

There are some simple strategic tricks to employ to make a woman beg for your attention continously without even realizing same. I've done it, it's possible so can you also do it. Understand there would be failure but you should be able to live to your wildest dream. Here are 3 tricks to make a woman beg for your attention.

1. Play Hard To Get

This trick is the greatest to cure to ever have if you want a woman to chase you continually. Playing hard to get on a woman can either make of unmake you in the game of love. As a newbie, you would have to really make her fall for you before you can play hard to get on her. Tattoo these words in your brain and you would see the magical aspect of love.

2. Flirt Her Up

To be a great flirt involves constant practice, training and dedication. It's a bit surprising that women tend to have an in built rader and tracking device to see whether you are her spec. Don't be alarmed whenever she refuse. Be positive and confident in whatever you do and always have something interesting to say to spice up your day with her.

3. Pretend Not Recognize Her In Public

This also works perfectly when you know the woman is into you. She would want to be with you in public and that is when you can make her beg for your attention. Refuse to see her even when you have spotted her. In case she gives you a wink, smile at her and move on.

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Play Hard To Get


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