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Wedding planning scene

Throwback: Bride closes the eyes of her father when it was time to kiss the groom

This article is throwback to a lovely moment in the life of a young lady who after several years of being in a relationship and studying her partner to see if he was the right man to help make her future a beautiful one, finally got to tie the knot with him.

How interesting it is, knowing that your soulmate is ready to move with you through thick and thin till death do you apart.

So the the sun rose and set, the moon smiled and like a rhythm, it continued day in and day out. Time was gradually moving towards the grand day and preparations were ongoing.

Invitation cards had been given, the planning had already been done and what was left was the final day where they would execute their plans.

The time for the wedding came and interestingly, the father of the bride was a pastor and was supposed to officiate the wedding. Usually, during weddings these days, it gets to a point when the groom is asked to kiss the bride.

I think this is the most anticipated moment in most African weddings only if we are going to put refreshment aside. Well, this time came knocking and the groom had to do justice to the order from above.

He had to grace the lips of his bride with a little spittle to spice up the grand occasion. The bride being a shy lady had been totally engulfed with shyness to the extent that she couldn't bear seeing her dad witness that incident.

Though, her dad was officiating the wedding as a minister of God but she could not stand the fact that he would watch her during the act and therefore, she decided to gently close the eyes of her father.

She did that so he could not see her go down the extreme lane with the love of her life.

Look at how lovely that moment was. The smile of her father even sums it all up.

This then generated a whole lot of arguments on Twitter. Some people were saying that act shows that she has got home training and is actually a good person.

Others are saying it was not right touching the eye of a man of God and it was disrespect on the side of the lady even though the pastor was her father.

Finally, there was this controversial group of people who were saying the lady is just pretending she is a good girl in front of her father. Who knows what she might have been doing behind the scenes?

Well, to me whether she is a good or bad girl, whether she pretended or not, that moment was a golden one and she made it bloom with happiness. I pray their relationship always witnesses smiles just like her father did on the wedding day.

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