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My story of how my boyfriend left me Because i was too beautiful

My name is Theresa, I am 23 years old, today I want to tell you my story about how my boyfriend that I was hoping to get married to leave me because I was too beautiful. He said my beauty is too much. And my beauty is giving him headache.

Keep reading and let me tell you why he said my beauty is giving him headache.

This is my picture. How do I look? I believe you heart is telling you am beautiful. That is what my boyfriend also told me.

My boyfriend was getting headache about my beauty because everywhere we go, and if we are going together men will be approaching me more than ten different men will be approaching me in the presence of my boyfriend. My boyfriend always try to stop them but some are stubborn and it will end up in a fight and my boyfriend too don't like fighting because he doesn't have the strength to fight. So they always defeat him at the end.

So this has been happening regularly. My beauty is unresistable. Men are hardly to resist my beauty when the see my face and body. So it was giving my boyfriend a lot of headache and my boyfriend is hot tempered and jealous.

One day sadly for me my boyfriend told me that he is quitting the relationship I was shocked, and I asked again, what did you say, he repeatedly said it again that he is done with the relationship. So I control my heart and asked him why does he want to quit? And he told me that, it is because of my beauty and he said any time we go out on the way, men do approach me in his presence and it always lead to a fight. And he will be beaten up at the end.

So to save his life he his quitting the relationship. Then water started coming from my eyes. Is it my fault that am beautiful? I begged him, he refused and still stands on his decision still today.

So please give me a advice what should I do? Give me an advice on the comments below.

End of my story

Thanks for reading my story.

Please follow this account if you feel sympathy for me.

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