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If you have your birthmark on these parts of the body here is what it means, rich men have it here

A birthmark is a harmless dark spot that appears on the skin of humans since childbirth and remain permanently till they die and are lucky omens which shows one’s destiny, reincarnation and many tell a person’s future.

Scientifically birthmarks are just common dark spots caused from bad formation of the skin resulting into a dark spot but a lot of societies have a deeper understanding and perceptions about birthmarks and the parts of the body they appear on may have an effect on the person’s life.

1.Legs : people who have their birth marks on their legs are mostly said to be people who can survive through the help of other successful people.

They are mostly very loyal and are very good followers who adhere to instructions given them by their superiors.

2.Head: Having your birthmark on your head signifies great leadership skills and being able to lead a group of people or being a chief.

They are mostly very intelligent, rich and courageous and can go to the extreme in finding solutions to problems that worry their followers.

3.Arms: Those with their birthmark on their arms are generally very hardworking people who love to assist their parents and love ones in achieving their set goals and objectives.

Due to how hardworking they are , they mostly keep their surroundings very clean and are very neat people who despise laziness and dirt.

4.Mouth : They are basically very good motivational speakers and are known to be very talkative and are extroverts who love to make friends, settle disputes and encourage people .

They are the easy go out type and love to sing and write songs and are mostly choir members in every association they find themselves.

5.Eye: They are the visionary people who see beyond the present day and are very good innovators who love to research and produce goods and services.

They have foresight and are mostly very good employees and are mostly loved by their masters due to the level of advise they give them.

6.Stomach: The position just best fit their behavior as they are mostly the foodie type who love to enjoy different types of delicacies to satisfy their never ending appetite.

They are good cooks and very good wives and mothers in the case of the females and mostly produce healthy kids.

Do you know the significance of any of the other part then do not hesitate to let us know in the comment box below and please share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading.

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