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What I do when I Fail

Failure is one of the things that can cause an individual to fall without rising up.It can cause your dreams to be shattered as though you never had any dream in life.I am going to give you what I do when I fail.

1.When I fail I am constructive and and learn from the situation.Whenever I fail I used to become saddened but now I always learn from the situation and work on myself so that when I face the same situation another time I will have experience so as to gain the upperhand and this has always been my source of motivation.

2.when I fail I tell myself I am not a failure just because I had a setback.I convince my self that there is more to life and more opportunities for me take so one failure does not necessarily mean that I will forever be a failure.

3.When I fail I try to do new things and also take on new methods so as to broaden my scope of knowledge.We cannot always rely on just one thing if we want to make it in life.

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