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Guys: Never Try To Watch These 10 Romantic Movies When Dad And Mum Are Around.

I hope you will agree with me that there is a difference between love and romantic love. Ok, let me take this opportunity to explain love and romantic love to you guys.

When you talk about love, I hope you will agree with me that the word love has been used synonymously with happiness, passion, devotion, affection, sexual attraction, care, solicitude, loyalty, commitment, and others. Romantic love on the other hand refers to the emotional gravity or attraction that requires the glorification of the opposite, within an erogenous circumstance, with the expectation of surviving for some time into eternity.

Now let shoot at the main reason why we are here.

The big question is, why can't you watch these movies when Dad and Mum are around?

As explain above, I mean the explanation of love and romantic love, these movies are full of romance and other adult practices that your parent will not be happy to see you watching.

If it was left with the graphics and the art, I do not think it would have been a problem but the sound in the movies is so weird. I do not see anything wrong if you watch these movies but it will not show respect when you are watching it and your parent are around. For my parent, if they catch me watching these movies, the small punishment I think they will do to me is to disown me for some month before ushering me newly into the family again.

Now let take a look at these movies:

Malcolm & Marie, Little Fish' FilmSelect Trailer, PVT Chat' Ben Hozie, The World to Come' Bleecker Street, Last Letter from Your Lover, Wild Mountain Thyme

Sylvie’s Love, Black Widow' Movieclips Trailers, Deep Water' OfficialCount, Not Time to Die' James Bond 007.

You can also share your experience if you have watched some of the above movies before.

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