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[Video] Couple Get Stuck With Each Other In Lake Bosomtwi On An Excursion

In every relationship, there are certain "ingredients" which makes the relationship stronger and lasts longer. Some of the "ingredients" are trust, respect, ability to accept mistakes, effective communication, being each other's keeper and of course sex. I know a lot of people are surprised sex is also an active ingredient to a successful relationship. Some people love sex so if they are not given, they can go elsewhere for it but if you as their partners agree to give them sex, then you are free.

Some lovers can sometimes control their thirst for sex. On the other hand, some partners cannot. It is a normal and natural thing to feel for sex but sometimes, self control is key. That is the somewhat case of the incident I am going to talk about today.

There is this viral video making waves on social media. In the video, a couple can be seen stuck to each other and seeking for help.

According to sources, these couple together with some people believed to be their friends went on an excursion to the lake Bosomtwi. These couple, who couldn't control themselves ended up getting stuck while having sex in the lake. After realizing the pain they were going through, they called their friends around who came to their rescue.

In the video, you can see that they are even struggling to walk since they have stuck together and crying. This led to the calling of some elders of the community where they were. So you can see some elderly men in black and one holding a schnapp. You can also see a woman around believed to also be from the palace. Obviously, the schnapp is going to be used to appease the gods of the lake so the couple could be forgiven and set free.

You can watch the video by clicking on the link below;

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