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Date Rush: Four lessons Fatima has thought Ghanaians and why Bismarck chose her

Fatima has finally landed a date after several disappointing moments on the Date Rush show. This comes as a shocker to many of those who have been following the show. Inarguably, Fatima has thought many of us a number of notable lessons which are worth highlighting.

1. Persistence is the hallmark of success.

The primary difference between winners and losers in life is that, winners never quit and quitters never win, says Tracy Brian, a famous author. Before you can achieve anything significant in life, there is a test of persistent which you must conquer. Your capacity to persist when challenges arise and in the face of temporarily failures is very important for success in life. Although she kept on being rejected, Fatima never gave up until she got a date. So Fatima is sending a simple message to you, her fun, Neve give up. Keep on trying. Keep on keeping on. Your "date" is on his way. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Confront your fears.

Fatima was confronted with the fear of rejection. Initially, she turned off her rush only to put it on again. "You know what, let me just put it on. Maybe he can choose me", she said as she turned on her rush. That singular bold decision is what drew her closer to getting a date. Imagine she did not turn her run on. Imagine she told herself, I don't think I'm worthy of this handsome man. Just imagine!

Your ability to confront, deal with and act despite your fear is the key to success and happiness. Unless you put your fears behind you and tackle the situation ahead of you, success will surely elude you. Make a bold decision to confront the situation or the individual you have to deal with and put the phobia behind you.

3. Always behave consistently.

Consistency is a very important principle in life.You don't have to compromise your values or change yourself because of any situation. In the case of Fatima, she came to the show with a neatly kept natural hair. Very simple with her dressing throughout the period. She could have decided to change her hairstyle or put on more sophisticated dress after failing several weeks to get the attention of the different guys who appeared on the show. But she remained simple and natural until luck finally smile on her. Stay true to yourself at all times. You don't have to allow the opinions of others to define your life. Just be who you are. Simply put, BE YOU!

4. Be sincere at all times

When asked Anitha, the co-host of the show, why he chose Fatima ahead of her colleague, Bismarck said, "I could feel the sincerity in her response to my question". Honesty is an important virtue. Its benefits are invariably great but often underestimated. Just like Fatima, you don't have to pretend in what you do or say in order to please anyone. Say it as it is or as you feel. This will enhance your self esteem and make you feel comfortable.

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