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So, Can Any Man Date Their Sister And Break Her Heart?

There is a famous song in Ghana that says that everyone has his/her master. The import of the message simply is, there is always someone who can call a true finality to all your negative actions. Maybe if you haven’t met that person, you might feel you’re on top of the world.

We are in a generation where broken hearts have sent many energetic men and women to mental homes. They commit their hearts and most of the times resources in the relationship only for the man to abandon them for frivolous reasons. But as they say, there is nothing like family. There are some family members who wouldn’t allow anyone to mess with their sibling and go scot-free.

And these “macho men” doesn’t stand an exception. Considering their incessant desire to visit the gym frequently to accumulate this size of biceps and triceps, there is no way they will hesitate to harass any guy who messes with their sister. They will come in with full anger and relinquish some pains on your body so that the world will witness that their years of training wasn’t in futility. 

Imagine that day comes, what would you do as a man (or less of a man)?



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