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Before Bedtime: Let Your Boyfriend Stay glue to you all times by doing this 4 simple things

Have you ever seen man brag about a woman tirelessly? Yes! I have seen situations where a man while having a can of beer with his friends talks about his woman; not withstanding the fact that there is a normal saying that goes "women are unstable and can never be trusted, they are all the same", most women have a way of winning their man's heart. The simple secret is this, give to him what every other woman cannot give to him; even if he is a womanizer, he would still long to come back to you because he cannot get what you give to him outside.

If you want your man to stay glued to you at all times, then you can apply the following principles:

1. Treat your man like his mother would do:

Every man needs a woman that would treat him just like his mother does; every man needs a woman to pamper him and address his needs. First and foremost you must know his best meal and know how to prepare it in a special way. When a man realizes that his woman treats him to special delicacies, he cannot help but think of running back home immediately after work. While he is on his PC at work, he keeps creating mental pictures of what awaits him at home.

It is not just a matter of preparing the food; it is also a matter of making him feel warm and comfortable when he gets back home. Give him a peck on the cheek or a kiss as he comes back home from work, ask him how his day at work went; make sure you listen to him attentively as he speaks, if he encountered any problem at work, try to proffer solutions. Help him take off his clothes and shoes, prepare the bath for him to wash his body and get comfortable; as he does that make sure the table is set for dinner. Spoon feed him if possible, make sure your man is comfortable with this; if he is not then do not bother about it. Countless number of times I hear a man brag about a woman, this is the first thing he talks about; he tells his friend my woman "Is like my mother", she treats me right and I cannot look outside.

2. Dress to kill

I tell you, a woman without a good dress sense is bound to drive her man out of a relationship. Men like to brag about their woman and as such would always be of the view that their woman should look gorgeous at all times. It does not matter whether you are beautiful or not, your dressing and appearance always have a way of making you outstanding. Please always dress well to suit occasions; even when you are at home, put on clothes that reveal the most part of you; after all it's your home. Make him desire you all the time, make him dream of you at all times by dressing well and looking good. When a woman dresses well you would always hear her man brag about her continuously, I remember vividly a guy comparing his wife with Beyonce because she meets up with standard of Beyonce in appearance.

3. Don't snoop into his affairs:

Women who are always reading the text messages on their man's phone and asking questions like "Who is this and who is that" would end up pushing their man outside. While it is a man's world to cheat, it is a woman's bit to understand and play cool; after all while should he cheat when you give him all he wants. When he receives a suspecting phone call and starts acting funny, just smile and nod your head; you don't need to ask him, he would tell you immediately.

4. Make him your best friend:

Always make sure you are there for your man when he needs you to talk to, make sure you give him a listening ear, and make sure you are interested in his affairs and business. Joke with your man when need be, talk to him and advice him when he needs it, play games with him, try to make him happy at all times, put him in a situation that he tells you everything that happens to him on a daily basis; you can only achieve this by also being open to him. You can start up with " Can you imagine what happened to me today, there was this silly guy that tried to woo me even after he saw the ring on my finger; I gave him the worst embarrassment of his life", things like that makes a man comfortable and trust you more like a friend

Thanks for reading.

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