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Guys: 15 Psychological Facts About Girls You Probably Do Not Know

In this particular write-up, we shall discuss about fifteen psychological facts about girls you probably didn't know.

Girls love to feel special. Even though they show little of excitement when you did something for them, they’ll definitely mark this on their calendar.

"You are Beautiful" is another way of saying "I Love You" to a girl. When class pictures come out, a girl would first check who’s standing next to her crush before actually looking at herself.

A girl’s first love will always be in her heart. Father is every girl’s first love. Some girls care about looks, some care about brains. But all girls wants a guy that has balls to make decision for himself. On the contrary, girls like it when a guy ask advice from them.

Girls feel special when a guy doesn’t take long to reply and take initiative to keep the conversation going. Girls hate it when their friends make fun of their boyfriend.

Girls want to feel that you’re proud to have them. In this modern times, a post about love tagged her makes her heart jumps.

Girl’s heart always in pain when there's no reply from the one they truly care about. Girls do not want an honest answer to the question "How do I look?" Girls adore guys who don’t only think about sex.

Don’t push girls to their limit. Bet you don’t wanna see her blow a gasket. Besides, Girls are sometimes drama queens but no one is allowed to call her that.

Girls are way too forgiving. However, don’t take advantage of it or you’ll lose her forever.

A woman can easily smell danger and you can count of her instincts when dealing with strangers. If a girl teases you and gives you nicknames, she is usually attracted to you and sees you as more than a friend.

Girls judge so quickly. But their judgement rarely goes wrong. Girls like forehead kisses above everything. Girls sexual drive is heightened during premenstrual to actual period.

Girls would definitely hate you if you’d keep her in waiting. The best way to irritate a girl is to whistle at her back. Girls have more patience than boys. When a girl asked you a question, chances are she already knows the answer. Don’t dare to lie.

When a girl says "NO", it sometimes means "keep trying" ;)If a girl really wants to be with a guy, she’ll make sure it’ll happen regardless of any circumstance.

Tell a girl she’s pretty, she’ll believe it for a moment. Tell her she’s ugly, she’ll remember it forever. In every girl’s anger, there is pain underneath.

Pain changes people. Don’t hurt a girl enough to change her in a way she’ll never be the same as before. Only girl’s pillow knows how much pain she hides from the world.

Almost all girls use silence to express pain. You know she’s truly hurt when she is silent and gone cold.

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