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I Found This Under My Boyfriend’s Bed After He Refused To Give Me Money For Transport (Fiction)

To enter into a relationship, you have to be more mature and know what you really want in a relationship.

People have wasted time meeting people who didn't respect or appreciate the effort they put into a relationship. Yes, it is difficult to find true love, but that doesn't mean you have to let someone play with their feelings who really want love.

One woman here shared her story on Facebook. It turned out that this girl visited her boyfriend and slept till the next day morning. She asked for money for transportation. The man says he has no money, she also asked the boy to at least buy some bread and he insists that he has no money. The girl was silent and decided to clean the rooms of her boyfriend.

Cleaning under the bed, she found Nike Air sneakers filled with cash. She decided to take at least one R20 for the taxi and leave the rest of the money where she got it.

To her surprise, she didn't know the young man had counted the money before leaving, or she knew how many were in the sneakers. The girl said she used the transportation money to go home when she got to her house, a call from her boyfriend came through asking her to return the R20 she took.

Now she feels guilty for closing it when he asked for money. When I read her story, I realized that the man did not love the girl and had never loved her.

Because I believe that a man will never do this to a lady he claims to love, and he should be ashamed that the girl actually finds out about the money he is hiding, but let's hope that the girl learn some lessons from this man because he is just wasting her time.

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Nike Air R20


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