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"Dating Manual" - 3 Proven Tricks To Become More Attractive To Women

Communicating with a woman and showing your interest in her is one thing most guys fail at doing it. They live a life of the fake nice guy without realizing they can skyrocket their love game to the greatest optimum. There are some non verbal cues that convey dominance when communicating with a lady and only the Alpha Male knows about it. Baiting up a woman to fall in love with you can be tedious and time consuming. You have to stand up to the game before you show any sign of interest in a woman.

You can balance your verbal approach with and the non verbal cue to portray dominance and masculinity in you. Enjoy the best benefit of the law of attraction by communicating with women using this wonderful non verbal cues. Let's get started. 

1. Lean Forward 

This can be the best attractive trait in a man that wants to attract a woman. They find it astonishing when they see a man lean towards them when communicating. This is a sign of great respect in the sight of woman and you should learn how to use it profitably. This posture communicates what you listening to. Be confident when in portraying such character trait and you would never regret it. 

2. Smile 

This is the best medicine to cure every wound in the game of love. Smiling really communicates comfort and care with the person you talking with. Try to fake a smile even when you not good at it. Feel relaxed and never force yourself to do it when you notice you can't. 

3. Maintain Eye Contact 

Becoming an alpha male to the core means you need to be good at maintaining constant eye contact with the woman you want to attract. This can be self perpetuating but ensure to give it your all when communicating with her. 

Thanks for reading.

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