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My Friend Used His SHS Girlfriend For Rituals - Man Tells How His Friends Destroyed Lives For Money

A young man by the name of King Kumi-Larbi has shared with the world an incident in his life where he together with two of his friends went to a ritualist to exchange their loved ones for money. He said that his friends knew he would not agree to go and see the ritualist so they asked him to escort them to a naming ceremony.

But they landed at a village where money rituals are being done for people there. He said he saw lots of big men in the country as well as white men. He told the ritualist that his friends did not inform him of what they were about to do so he did not continue with his rituals.

His first friend used his girlfriend who was in SHS for the rituals. The ritualist made the girl sickled and told them so long as the girl keeps falling sick, the money will keep coming. The other friend tried to use his girlfriend also in SHS for the rituals, but the ritualist told them the spirit of the girl was too strong because she was very prayerful.

The second friend then decided to use his younger brother for the rituals. For him, the ritualist had to kill the younger brother for the money to keep coming. King said he got scared from what he saw so he told the ritualist that he had to go back and prepare himself before he comes back for the rituals, but never went back.

He testified that his friends are now rich and he is just an Okada rider, but he is content with what he has. The girlfriend who was used for rituals could not complete SHS because of sickness and the guy keeps providing for her but she does not know he is the cause of her owes. King advised young girls to be careful of rushing into relationships especially with older men.  

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