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Your relationship may become abusive if you notice these early signs

Individuals are more than likely in an abusive relationship if their relationship partners exhibit the following behaviors.

1. When the relationship partners respond to what they perceive as criticisms or challenges by devaluing the alleged perpetrators of same. Their relationship partners can not tolerate dissent because said relationship partners always have to be right.

2. When the relationship partners try to isolate them from anyone who may have an influence as said individuals are perceived to be potential threats or competition.

3. When the relationship partners never apologize because they equate making apologies with being “less than” or worthless or losers. Besides, their relationship partners subject them to consistently-inconsistent behavior during which the relationship partners’ provision of kind treatment versus poor treatment is seemingly arbitrary, random, and unpredictable. The relationship partners place an emphasis on exerting power and control over them

4. Threats of self-harm if you do not comply with their demands. “I will cut myself if you leave.” “If you break up with me I’ll kill myself.”

Harming or threatening to harm your pets; destroying or threatening to destroy your property.

Violent acts near you: punching the walls, beating up or threatening to beat up people who pay “too much” attention to you.

5. Attempting to control how you spend your free time; demanding that you disengage from your hobbies.

Attempting to limit how often you leave the house or who you talk to.

6. They’re nice to you but you see or hear of them being really outrageously unkind to others, especially people they view as beneath them or people who are dependent on them.They believe that unkind, violent, or dishonest behavior is normal. They think everyone does these things, or everyone would if they wouldn’t get caught, or people who choose not to are weak or scared or babyish.They think other people’s suffering is funny.

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