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She Will Not Tell You: Checkout 3 Reasons A Lady Might Not Take You Seriously As You Expected

Have you ever wondered why a lady you're attempting to impress and take notice of doesn't seem to take you seriously as a man? Is it because you aren't putting up enough effort, or is it because she doesn't find you appealing? In this blog, I shall address these concerns.We all want to be loved in the same manner we love others, but no matter how hard you try, not everyone you love will love you in the same way they appreciate and value your work.

Here are three reasons why a woman may not take you as seriously as you would like.

1.If you're the type of guy that flirts with a lot of women, you might not get the respect you deserve. She would perceive you as someone who isn't serious, which would break her heart. No woman wants to share her man with another woman, and she will never consider a man who flirts with a large number of women.

2.If she already has someone in her life, a lady may not take you as seriously as you would like. If she has feelings for another man, no matter how hard you try, she will never return your feelings.Before approaching any woman, as a man, you should check to see if there is already a guy to prevent being wounded in the end and wasting your time.

3. If she isn't interested in you, a lady may not take you as seriously as you would like. No matter how hard you try, if she doesn't find you attractive or intriguing enough, she won't pay attention to you. She will not give you a hard time and will take you seriously, unlike a girl who is interested in you. This is one of the reasons a lady may not treat you with the respect you deserve.

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