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Romantic Relationship: 3 Essential Steps To An Improved Relationship

Beyond a problem of timing, difficulties in a romantic relationship can also arise from your behavior or that of your partner. Here are some keys to take care of it.

1. Understand the singularity of the other

The worst you can do is compare your romantic relationship with that of a friend. All relationships are unique , because your partner is unique. He/she has their own way of expressing themselves, their own way of showing you their love, their own personality, their own emotional wounds too. Making the effort to understand the uniqueness of the other is the first key to maintaining your relationship. This will allow him to feel free, understood, confident and fulfilled.

2. Express yourself

Understanding the other and not asking them to change does not mean that you should not express yourself about the things that hurt you or that you would like to do or hear. You have the right to have desires for your romantic relationship and it is essential to know how to express them to your partner, without blaming them. You can't blame your partner for not understanding something you didn't tell them. This can be a very difficult point to make in your relationship. Especially if you have a little trouble asserting yourself about what you want, what you like and what you don't want. Your partner obviously cannot guess your thoughts without you expressing them. Rather than resenting him, learn to better formulate what you want. In particular, you can discover the keys to non violent communication to help you

3. Make time together for your romantic relationship

This last key may seem cliche, basic or even seen and reviewed. It is true that it is repeated in all the articles on romantic relationships. And yet, anyone who has ever been in a long-term relationship knows that everyday life contributes to exhausting it. If some couples find their balance in everyday life, others need moments during which they find themselves, together, to enjoy and rekindle the love that binds them. Shared leisure, weekly aperitif, dinner at the restaurant or vacation for two, cultivate love on a daily basis to find yourself and spend quality time together. These are the moments of choice that animate a romantic relationship and solidify it.

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