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4 Signs She Will Show Indicating That You're Satisfying Her In Bed

You may live in an ordinary family / have neighbors living outside the fragile walls of your home, but if you shake their world, it won't be easy for them to contain their excitement! The following are some of the surest signs she'll exhibit indicating that you are doing enough in bed as a man;

She will thank you: A satisfied woman will thank you, and most of the time she will want to return the favor. If you make your woman happy with love and passion, don't be surprised if she wants to love you even more. A sure sign that you're doing it right.

She want more $ex: No one can get anything good, at least not from confusing intercourse. If you do it right, her eyes will light up at the thought of an action-packed night together… and you'll find that she's asking for a lot more sex!

She's still happier: Orgasms release the happiness hormone in women - it makes them glow and smile. It helps them relieve stress, ignore everyday stimuli and generally have something to laugh about even on the worst of days! So if the next day you find your boyfriend with a very special smile - YES, you made your girlfriend happy.

She doesn't have a headache: Men complain that their wives justify avoiding sex! Um! Not always. If you get it right, she really has more reason to say yes than no. (Unless he really has a headache.)

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