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Ladies: Check Out Ten Cute Things You Do Which Are Actually Loved By Your Boyfriends

Men can be fascinated by the little things that women do. While it is believed that they get attracted to clothes and physical features, there is more to it. Some things you do consciously or unconsciously can make him like you more. In this particular article, we shall look at ten cute things girls do that guys love.

Running your fingers through his hair. Run your fingers through your guy’s hair, and you will find him leaning into you and closing his eyes. Some men are possessive about their hair, so they don’t enjoy a random person touching it. However, if he likes you, he might feel relaxed when you run your fingers through his hair. They feel special and pampered by your touch. You can enhance their experience by lightly massaging their scalp.

Resting your head on his shoulders/chest. Do you enjoy the closeness and warmth of the guy you like? It feels good to rest your head on their chest or shoulder and relax, forgetting all the worries and tiredness of the day. Guys love this feeling too. This small gesture shows you trust him and feel safe with him. Holding you close makes him feel like he is protecting you from the world.

Giving them cute nicknames. Guys love hearing their name from their girlfriend’s mouth. But it completely melts their heart when you call them with a cute nickname. It makes the guy feel your affection and care. While generic nicknames such as “baby” can make your boyfriend happy, unique nicknames would delight him. It also deepens the intimacy and connection you share.

Biting your lips. Guys find it sensual when girls bite their lips consciously or unconsciously. The action attracts their attention towards your lips and entices them to kiss you. If you look at the guy from beneath your eyelashes while biting your lips, it might make him lose his mind.

Showing your appreciation. Guys like to pamper their girlfriends. They shower them with compliments, gifts, and affection. When girls show their appreciation for these efforts, it makes them happy and fall more in love with you. So, show your guy how much you appreciate him and his efforts. You can tell him or express indirectly by giving him gifts. He would enjoy some pampering from you.

Leaning on them for support. Men have an ingrained need to protect the women they love. Fulfillment of this fundamental protective instinct is essential for them. They love it when their girl shows their vulnerability and leans onto them for support. They feel fulfilled in protecting you and keeping you safe. So even if you are a strong independent woman, don’t be afraid to show your man your vulnerability. He wouldn’t perceive it as a weakness and would support you unconditionally because you are valuable to him.

Wearing his clothes. If you love prancing around in your boyfriend’s shirt, keep doing it. Guys find it charming when you wear their clothes, especially their shirts/t-shirts and sweatpants. It makes you look cute and sexy at the same time, driving them wild. When your guy sees you in his clothes, he feels like you are subtly sending out the message that you belong to him, which can be a great ego booster.

Being flirty and playful. Usually, guys start the flirting game to impress or woo their girl. However, they enjoy being wooed too. They love it when their girl takes the initiative and flirts with them. Touching, inviting looks, playing with their foot.

Wearing sexy outfits. Sexy clothes don’t mean showing more skin. Clothes such as off-shoulder tops that accentuate your delicate neck and shoulders or well-fitting shorts that show off your long legs are enough to drive your guy crazy.

Displaying your affection on social media..In this new world where posting your life on social media is a trend, expressing affection for your man is not something out of the box. However, this is a great way to show your guy how much you love and appreciate him in front of the world. He would feel happy and proud that you are not afraid to own your relationship in front of the world. The next time he does something that makes you happy, you can post it on Facebook or Instagram. Keep it occasional and avoid posting something extremely private or cheesy.

Content created and supplied by: Sharonnewsgh (via Opera News )


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