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Photos Of Slay Queen Sharing Ordeal About Man Who Had Affair With Her Because Of IPhone 13

All of us in this world have wants and needs. Having one of the most expensive and latest gadgets is one thing that is very nice and can make one very happy. Many times people like to possess the latest phones, laptops, televisions, tablets or phablets. We are all happy when people who we love (friends, spouses or family members) get us the items that we want badly but cannot get. We become very happy and joyous when we are gifted with the items that we want. Mostly, it is good since it means you do not have to go through any hard times before you get the items.

There is this lady who has complained about the ordeal she had to go through before she got her iPhone 13.

This is what she posted online.

What should be done to the man who did this to her ?

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