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6 Best Ways On How To Handle A New Relationship

You are in a new relationship, which is great. But you don't know exactly how to handle it, which isn’t so great. What do you say? What do you do? How do you act? Don’t panic. You can handle a new relationship if you simply get to know each other, communicate, and take your time.

Be yourself. Let your new mate have a chance to get to know more about you and the great things there are to love about you. Don’t change yourself to fit their likes and desires. Remember if they didn’t like the real you, they wouldn’t be in a relationship with you. Be honest about the things you do and don’t like or agree with. For example, if you don’t like basketball, don’t fake enthusiasm for March Madness. If you enjoy sketching, share some of your drawings with your significant other.

Talk to each other. Although you know enough about your partner to be in a relationship with them, there’s a lot you don’t know and a lot they don’t know about you. The more you know about each other, the more you will understand each other and the stronger your relationship will be. Talk about everyday things like how your day was, funny things your friends did, your plans for the weekend. Talk to your significant other to learn more about their dreams and goals. Share your hopes and aspirations with them. Discuss your fears, worries, and even your mistakes with each other. Sharing these things will form a bond between you two.

Pay attention to small things. You will learn a lot about your mate by talking to them, but a great deal of what you learn will be from observing them and paying attention to other hints about them. Notice what types of music, movies, and TV shows they prefer. What situations make them laugh? What makes them angry? What types of things do they like or comment on online?

Try new things. Because you are individuals, you and your partner will have some things in common as well as different interests, opinions, etc. Be open to doing things their way every once and a while, you just might discover that you like it or learn something new. Let them introduce you to their hobbies, and teach you how to do them. (Everyone loves to feel like an expert.) You can teach them to do your favorite activities too. Listen to and think about their opinion on where to go, what to do, how to do things, etc. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you really don’t want to do. You can try new things without giving up your morals, values, or beliefs.

Spend time together. The best way to get to know each other is to spend time together. Try to interact with each other in a variety of settings so that you can experience the different sides to each other. Spending time one-on-one gives you a chance to pay attention to each other without distractions. When you do things in a group setting, it allows you to see how they interact with others. Don’t just pay attention to how great they look, but also what seems to make them comfortable or uncomfortable, what types of activities and settings they enjoy, etc.

Talk and listen. Regular communication builds your new relationship and allows you to get to know one another more. It also helps cut down on misunderstandings and confusion. Remember, though, that communication is a two-way street; make sure that you are doing as much listening in your relationship as you are talking. Even if it’s just a ‘good morning’ message or afternoon call, check-in with each other on a regular basis. Everyone likes to know that someone else is thinking of them. Make time to actually sit-down and just talk with each other. Talk about your day, your goals, your fears, your friends, etc. Listen to what they have to say and share with you. Use your talks as a way to learn more about each other and to support each other.

Talk about the serious and important things face-to-face.When something is really bothering you, then say something about it. It’s better to speak up when something first upsets you than to let it go and have it turn into a big issue later on. Remember, the relationship is still new and your mate doesn’t know all of your boundaries yet.Talk calmly about what is on your mind in private and don’t use an accusatory tone. For example, you don’t want shout, “You are so inconsiderate! Spreading our business to everyone!” at them in the middle of the mall. Instead, you might wait until you two are alone and say, “Hey, babe, it makes me uncomfortable to talk to strangers about personal issues. Can we keep our personal stuff between just us?”

Talk about the relationship future. Have a realistic and honest conversation about where you see the relationship heading. Making sure you are both thinking the same about the future of the relationship will make it easier for you the two to build your new relationship.

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